deReuze Gourmet Market (Peters Import)

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No, not closed. As best as we know this Dutch place is open for business but always call ahead to confirm.

deReuze Gourmet Market was established in 2002, and is owned & operated by Peters Imports. Serves Rijkenberg Chocolate Letters and many other Dutch foods.

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I went to De Reuze with my family this afternoon and was very disappointed. We had been there in the past and it is a hollow shell of its former self. It's turned into more of an upscale party store. There are very few dutch items sprinkled here and there and they are overpriced. Thankfully VenderVeen's was close by and we were able to buy the items we were looking for. It's a nice store, it just no longer a dutch store. Even the Herring they had was from Canada (VanderVeen's was imported from the Netherlands).

ready to make some Bahmi, only to find out that some clever person had stuck the english ingredients label right on top of the dutch instructions as what to add and how to prepare the bahmi! soaked the label off and typed the instructions out. needless to say I was not very happy.

stop pasting the label over the instructions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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They have been pasting over the instructions on the merchandise for years,they keep on doing it.If costumers keep on complaining about covering the instructions,why dont they lissen???

Everybody is sooo right, you can't figure out how to make things, what to add etc.

As the daughter of a Dutch immigrant to America, I can rely on deReuze every year to give me great specials, pack everything beautifully, send fast, and understand my order. Those of you who don't understand Dutch directions, just email me and I will translate gladly!
No other company comes close to having as much available at one time online! Thanks, deReuze! I have been your customer since 1980........

I have been satisfied every year since 1980 with high-quality, fresh, Dutch and Indonesian things mailed to me. I am the daughter of a Dutch immigrant, and I will be happy to translate any directions you find difficult. Dutch is actually very close to English. Thank you deReuze, for having the best selection of any other company online. You always ship quickly, and I am always pleased with your prices, too!

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The place is still open no doubt, but the URL you have given here does not go to the official website of deReuze. I did some research through australian writers services and found out that the correct website. It is now petersgourmetmarket dot com. One could add the pieces I have given here and could go to the website and find some wonderful options for shopping.

Me too, I made a research via review review regarding the deReuze website and I must say that its an awesome website that we all can benefit from.

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