Rembrandt in America

Rembrandt in America will be the first major exhibition to explore in depth the collecting history of Rembrandt paintings in America. Consisting of approximately 50 paintings, the exhibition will bring together autograph paintings by Rembrandt as well as others thought to be by the master when they entered American collections but whose attributions can no longer be maintained.

While many exhibitions devoted to Rembrandt’s paintings were held during the 400-year centenary of the artist’s birth in 2006, Rembrandt in America will be unique in offering the public a rare opportunity to follow the evolving opinions of scholars and collectors regarding what constituted an autograph Rembrandt painting over a period of more than a century.


wish rembrand would come to Tulsa Oklahoma,left Holland in 1957,so it has been a long time since i was in Renbrand museum!

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I have read about Rembrandt paintings from many blogs and from that time looking forward to buy them. But i could not make it. It's good they have been displayed in the exhibitions.

Thanks for share information