Queen Beatrix announces her abdication

Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands today announced her abdication. In a broadcast that was recorded earlier today, she stated that she will step down as Queen on April 30th this year and her son Willem-Alexander will become King of the Netherlands.

In her short but powerful speech the monarch referred to the fact that she will be 75 soon and that this year the Netherlands will be a monarchy for 200 years. She said: "I am not resigning because my duties are becoming too burdensome but I believe that the responsibility for our country should now be in the hands of a new generation."

The Queen made a specific mention of the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom and said that "she has always felt warmly welcome there".

I am not resigning because my duties are becoming too burdensome but I believe that the responsibility for our country should now be in the hands of a new generation. It is with the greatest confidence that on April 30 I will transfer my powers to my son, the Prince of Orange.

The Queen concluded her speech:

"I feel strengthened by the thought that making place for my successor won't be mean I have to say goodbye to you. I look forward to often still meeting many of you. I am deeply grateful for the trust you have placed in me over the many beautiful years where I've been allowed to be your queen."

King's Day on April 27

The annual celebration that until now was known as Queen's Day will be renamed to King's Day (Koningsdag) and it will be celebrated on April 27th, the birthday of Prince Willem-Alexander.



Long live the King

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love Queen Beatrix,and will love King Willem-Alexander and
Queen Maxima too

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I have loved the traditions of the kingdom of Nederland.....thank you Queen Beatrix for your service and inspiration....for your loyalty to all the Hollanders across the world....but especially for the honor and courtasey of the next generation...long live King Alexander and Queen Maxima... Hiep Hiep Hoorah !!!

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Will Maxima be queen, for sure?? If so, why was Prince Claus (and Bernard) not king?

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Maxima will be queen, yes. prince Claus, (and prince Bernhard btw) was not announced as king because, (well this is the very short explanation) they where not from the royal family, the queen, because she was part of the royal family, was actually the king, and there can be only one king.. again, very short version. and renny, she was queen of the Dutch, queen of the Netherlands, holland is just a part of that.

Well, Maxima will be called Queen indeed. This has nothing to do with being a royal family or not. In fact Maxima is not from a royal family. She is called Queen because of old tradition. In the past the King would always be higher than a Queen. So in the case of King William-Alexander there could be a Queen Maxima. On the other hand, because the royal dynasty of Beatrix is to be continued to hold the crown her husband can't be called King because that would mean he would be above her and a new dynasty would be formed. Thus he's called Prince and not King. And thats why Maxima will be Queen :)

What positive and wonderful reasons for her abdication. She is a very graceful and intelligent woman. If her son uses as her, and his grandmother, as his examples, he will be a good and loved king of The Netherlands!

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