Government collapses -- dual citizenship law shelved

Prime Minister Rutte has offered the resignation of his cabinet to the Queen, preparing the country for new elections in September. The proposed restrictions on dual citizenship for Dutch citizens are now on hold. This is great news for Dutch citizens abroad who were at risk of being unable to keep their Dutch citizenship when applying for that of their new home countries.

Dual citizenship law considered "controversial issue"

The 18-month old coalition between the conservative-liberal VVD and the Christian democratic CDA was supported by the far-right PVV. The Netherlands is in danger of breaking the 3% rule imposed by the European Union and the three parties were negotiating new budget cuts. Those talks broke down unexpectedly on Saturday and the PVV revoked its support for the coalition.

New elections will most likely be held on September 12. Until that time, the VVD and CDA will formally remain in power but will no longer take on "controversial issues". It is now clear that both VVD and CDA, as well as most opposition parties, consider the proposed law "controversial" which means it will no longer progress. A May 15 meeting to discuss the proposal has been canceled.

CDA: "A PVV thing"

The main opposition parties have always opposed the restrictive law and in recent days the governing parties seem to have come around as well. CDA spokesperson Mirjam Sterk said in an interview with Dutch newspaperDe Telegraaf about the proposal: "That is a kind of PVV-thing that we've always found difficult".

Eelco Keij, the main organizer of the protests against the law: "Recently, the VVD made clear they were struggling with the proposal, and it was a courageous thing to air those disagreements."

New elections

The elections in September will determine the shape of the new coalition. It seems unlikely that the PVV will be part of a coalition again, which bodes well for those who are in favor of dual citizenship. For more information on how to cast your vote while abroad, contact your local Consulate or Embassy or read more information in Dutch at



It seems the world is moving towards allowing dual citizenship, Holland was going against the grain due to mistrust of its 'guest worker' immigrants.

In the mean-time I lost my Dutch citizenship when I got my US citizenship. This law has been in effect since 1993 already..

If you met the current conditions for dual citizenship at the time of your becoming a US citizen (taking the nationality of your partner), you can still apply to get your Dutch nationality back. But better hurry, this adjustment period expires in 2013.

if you had usa citizenship when you were a minor does that still qualify you to keep your dutch as well?

It depends if one of your parents kept Dutch citizenship, when you were a minor. If you did not have a parent with Dutch citizenship, you lost your Dutch nationality. See Q18

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Check all information about the Dutch dual nationality law on our website. We have an FAQ.

When you can prove that you lived 5 years before your 18th birthday already in the country of which you currently have the nationalty, you can still apply for your Dutch passport.

So what is the status of "dual citizenship" now?

Okay so I’m very confused on my status as well. I’ve read through the emabassy web pages and I still unsure. And am even more unsure given the new deadline that takes effect april 1st 2013.
My mother was born to a dutch father (married to a non-dutch American citizen—her father was never naturalized and is still dutch) so she was dutch by birth up until the age of 28.
(i.e. she was dutch for 10 years past her eighteenth birthday but lost her dual citizenship because she did not apply for a dutch passport)
I was born when she was 25 when I believe she was technically still a dutch citizen. Since I was born to a dutch mother and am over 18 but under 28 years old am I a dutch national?

Okay so I’m very puzzled on my position as well. I’ve study through the emabassy websites and I still uncertain. And am even more uncertain given the new due date that becomes effective apr 1st 2013.
My mom was created to a nederlander dad (married to a non-dutch United states citizen—her dad was never naturalized and is still dutch) so she was nederlander by beginning up until the age of 28.
(i.e. she was nederlander for Decade previous her 18th wedding but missing her double citizenship because she did not implement for a nederlander passport)

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