Dubbel Dutch in Denver, Colorado

Dubbel Dutch is a Dutch store and lunch place in an eclectic neighborhood in Denver, Colorado. A bright orange storefront tells you that you have found a piece of Holland.

"I started Orangepackage.com, an online Dutch store, ten years ago", says Eef Tulp, the owner. "I came to the United States with Hewlett-Packard, where I worked as a marketing program manager. Orangepackage.com started in my basement, and I shipped packages with Dutch food from there. Business started to increase, and I noticed that a lot of customers would come visit me in that basement. So, three years later I opened my store."

The store is small but cozy, with five seats inside and some outdoor seats. The left wall is occupied by large shelves full with Dutch products and behind the lunch counter you'll find Eef, or one of the other Dutch ladies who work in the store.

Dubbel Dutch is located near Rigers University and is a popular destination for lunch. "It's about half-half -- we get local customers who come here for our sandwiches as well as Dutch folks from the entire region", says Eef.

Dubbel Dutch attracts has won several awards for its sandwiches, such as Best Sandwich of Denver. Of special note is the Old Amsterdam sandwich -- it's a delicious "broodje gezond" on a fresh baguette with Old Amsterdam cheese. A big part of the success of the sandwich store is the bread which is super fresh and delivered daily by a European bakery. Dubbel Dutch serves Douwe Egberts roast coffee .

The store serves as a hub for the Dutch community in Denver. "We organized a big New Year's celebration last week", says Eef, "with oliebollen and a large crowd of Dutch people. It was a lot of fun". The New Year's celebration at Dubbel Dutch is a tradition. "We have a good relationship with the Dutch clubs in the area, and we coordinate the events so there's no duplication. They organize the Sinterklaas celebration for example, and we do the New Year's oliebollen party."

Dutch items available in Dubbel Dutch include speculoos, Heinz sandwich spread, van Gilze stroop, mixes for Dutch pancakes and poffertjes, anijsblokjes, Dutch mustards, Maggi and Conimex products and many more. The store carries multiple types of stroopwafels, windmill cookies and liquorice. The cheese cooler is filled with various cheeses and some meats. Bitterballen and kroketten are available as well.

Dubbel Dutch
4970 Lowell Boulevard
(303) 480 9100

The orange store front.

Owner Eef Tulp.

Interior of the store.

The cheese selection includes Old Amsterdam, Goudkuipje, Leyden cheese with cumin, Gouda with herbs and many others.

A wooden shoe to help support the table.

Many different varieties of drop are available. The store sells drop in high volume, and it tastes very fresh.

Books for sale, trade or borrowing.

Dutch items.

A cow decorates the wall.

We visited the store in early January, and there were still a few chocolate letters and speculaas cookies left. Note the paprika chips, a flavor that can't be found in regular stores in the U.S.

Indonesian condiments.




Nice products, but there's a store 2 minutes from here where I can get literally all Dutch groceries I may ever need. It's called an Albert Heijn ;)

I believe there might be some confusion in the conversation here but if not, waar is er een Albert Heijn winkel in Denver? Also, did I miss Sinterklaas celebrations at Double Dutch on the 5th of December?

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Please share more like that.

Speculoos spread is from Belgium.

We love Dutch cheese and are wondering if she has the cumin cheese/spiced cheese and how much it is and does she ship?
Nice to know there is a store a little closer to us, even if we are still miles away!

An Albert Heijn in Denver??? I don't believe it!

All the pictures are great! Just like the Dutch, clean and neat store and smiling owner!

Ja wij hebben Eef..sorry mensen, we gaan haar niet delen.

Lakewood CO.

En Eef ken ook nog zingen ook, Broodjes zijn heerlijk

Castle Rock Co

Eef is awesome!!!

Last year we stopped by when we were in Denver and found out that there was a dutch store close to the college I was visiting. It was sunday and they were closed, I was lucky enough that she stopped by her own store to grab some pannekoekenmix and she told us we could come in buy whatever we want, and chat for a little bit. By that time it was 2.5 years since I last visited my home town of Rotterdam, and all the Dutch food that I was able to buy was truly a treat!

Thanks Eef!!!

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We will visit Eef's store each time we are in Denver, a couple of times per year......great store.....great produce and great service .

Eef's online service is vey good too......used it several times!

So excited to find this place!

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