Windmill Dutch Imports


8660 North Main Street
Helen, GA 30545
United States

In the small town of Helen (population 430) you’ll find Windmill Dutch Imports. For 27 years the store has provided a great selection of Dutch foods and supplies, including frozen bitterballen and kroketten, as well as paling and other delicateses. It’s about 95 miles from Atlanta, close to the border with North Carolina. Open 7 days a week, except Christmas Day. Don’t miss the October fest.

No, not closed. As best as we know this Dutch place is open for business but always call ahead to confirm.


It’s about 95 miles from Atlanta, close to the border with North Carolina. Open 7 days a week, except Christmas Day. Don’t miss the October fest…

This article gives us the information about the windmill Dutch imports .this is in the city of Helen. Even though the place is small it provides you all Dutch foods and supplies that you require. These have frozen bitterballen and kroketten also.
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Does anyone know of an importer or source for Van Wees and Zuidam liqueurs?

would love to know if anyone knows of a place that will ship croquettes or nasi/bami spices. Where we used to live in Canada there were many Dutch stores but now we live in Kentucky and there seems to be nothing closer than 300 miles away. Shipping may be my only hope! This pregnant Dutchie is desperate!

goede morgen weet iemand waar je frikandellen of holandse frituur snacks kan krijgen ????

Does anybody know where I can buy a puff pastry called Dutch Letters here in GA. Each Dutch Letter is an “S” shaped puff pastry about eight inches tall, with moist almond paste filling, baked to golden perfection and sprinkled with a touch of sugar?

Who sells croquettes and bitterballs

Does anyone know if I can find rookvlees at the Windmill dutch imports?
I live in Macon and it would be worth the drive up there,been craving it for years!

Trader Joe in Atlanta sells rookvlees

Hello! As a true Dutchie living the American Dream, I like rookvlees myself. I was able to find something very simular at my local Publix grocery store. You find it nearby the Deli where their cheeses and some meats are vacuum wrapped. I forgot the name (something Italian) but you will be able to locate it because it just looks like rookvlees. It is vacuum wrapped as well but expensive $5.00+. It taste just about like rookvlees. Get some publix bakery bread and you feel like you are in The Netherlands for a moment :) ENJOY!!

Could it be Bresaola?
I’ll head that way tomorrow and look for it..

Ik denk dat we ‘t hier over Prosciutto hebben! Eet smakelijk!

Thanks Martijn! Great tip.

Would you mind letting us know the (Italian) name of the meat when you see it again? We’d like to add it to our list with ‘food substitutes’.

My husband loves the authentic mocha cake, but in GA many make it with chocolate, which is not same. Does anybody know an authentic recepie or where I can buy a real mocha cake. Please help, O would greatly appreciate it.

als je boter creme can maken en gewone cake. dan mix je ee theelepeltje oplos koffie. dat is de manier dat wij het thuis bij Ma altijd deden.

groetjes, r. uit SC

Head to Publix and you can order a Mocha cake that is absolutely very close to what I was used to in Holland.

GREAT!!! we plan to move from Holland to Warner Robins, GA and now we have a place to buy out Dutch stuff. Maybe even start a “satelite” store, starting from our garage, selling Dutch goods. If there’s enough sales maybe starting our own Dutch store.

if need dutch help we will i love in macon few milles from warner robins

well very welcome to that warner robins there few dutch people here in macon
feel free to email us
greetings mandy

Great store, greatest variety! And nice staff. Not many Dutch stores carry children’s books and CDs (which helps your children’s ear for Dutch), dry and frozen groceries (I discovered Vla!), slippers, and typical gift items.

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