Dutch bikes


"But can New York revert to New Amsterdam?"

The New York Times has an article about Dutch bikes, which 'may be the first status symbol of the Great Downturn':


Seeking higher ground


Seeking higher ground.Yesterday's New York Times had an article about the Netherlands.

"The Netherlands, a Low Country, Seeks Higher Ground".

The fake satellite photo of a tulip-island is funny.

Dutch-American Friendship Day


John Adams.Today is the Dutch-American Friendship Day.

It remembers the day that John Adams, the second president of the United States, was received by the States General in The Hague and recognized as Minister Plenipotentiary of the United States of America.

It is also the day that the house John Adams purchased at Fluwelen Burgwal 18 in The Hague became the first American Embassy in the world.

A Soutern Season & Indonesian cuisine


Sambal.Dutch cuisine is strongly influenced by the Indonesian kitchen and around here it's hard to find some of the ingredients that I used on a daily basis in Holland.

I didn't quite realize it in the beginning, but condiments like sambal manis or ketjap manis, or things like nasi aren't for sale in regular supermarkets. Thai cuisine is more popular here, so there are similar curry pastes to sambal available but there is much less variety. I really like sambal manis, a sweet mild sambal.

A couple of months ago I ordered some Dutch ingredients by mail order, including mixes for babi pangang and foo yong hai and seroendeng, roasted coconut with spices. I almost finished the sambals so I was very happy when Petra told me about a store in Chapel Hill where they carry Indonesian condiments: A Southern Season. A wonderful store!

Give us back New York!


Give us back New York!A wonderful movie on Youtube.com: Give us back New York.

I like the quote in the beginning of the movie:

"What is your biggest fear? What are we be becoming?

My biggest fear is that we become Holland, all right, that we are the Netherlands."

There's a website for this movie: giveusbacknewyork.com which seems to be associated with an (online) advertising agency.

(through AllesAmerika.com).


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