Dutch-Australian family looking for housing for a week in Miami, FL

Dear Reader.

My name is Ciska Verhage.
We are a Dutch/Australian family of four, Michael 49, Ciska 49, Jesse 14 and Sammy 12.
Since September 2008 we have been cycling from Los Angeles, USA down to South America.
It is an uplifting story about a family living life a bit differently.
Currently we are in Colombia.
On March 2nd we will fly from Bogota to Miami where we hope to stay for one week.
On the 9th of March we fly to Greece and plan to cycle Turkey, Middle East, Egypt, Sudan and onwards.
Is there a chance that the Dutch community is able to help and support us.
I/we know it is a lot to ask to put up a family of four.
We are looking for a place to sleep.
Just a room/space/garage/garden anything is welcome.
In return we can share some great stories about our adventures/travels with the Dutch community and school.
We have no hesitation in sharing or paying for costs involved.
Check out our website, there is a lot of info about us.
Your help will be greatly appreciated.
Greeting from San Agustin, Colombia
Ciska and family.