Indonesian rijsttafel restaurants in the United States

Here’s an overview of Indonesian restaurants in the United States that serve rijsttafel.

The Indonesian rijsttafel (often misspelled rijstaffel), a Dutch word that literally translates to “rice table”, is an elaborate meal adapted by the Dutch from the Indonesian feast called nasi padang. It consists of many dishes served in small portions, accompanied by rice prepared in several different ways.

Since this meal is so popular in the Netherlands here is an overview of restaurants in the USA that serve this the banquet style meal. There are many other great Indonesian restaurants in the United States, but this list only includes those that serve rijsttafel.

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Bali Cafe, Miami, Florida

Some reviews will mention they are only open for lunch but this is not accurate; hours were extended a while ago and dinner is served now as well. Including rijsttafel.

Bali Nusa Indah, New York, New York

Indonesian restaurant in Midtown Manhattan: “Bali Nusa Indah is an Indonesian restaurant which combines traditional cooking with modern techniques. Located near Manhattan’s theatre district, it’s a great place to go before and after a Broadway show. The menu features Indonesia’s version of comfort food which includes various styles of cooking.”

Bali Thai Cafe , San Diego, California

As the name indicates, this restaurant serves both Thai and Indonesian cuisine. Serves rijssttafel.

Bandung Restaurant, Madison, Wisconsin

“Our restaurant is named after Bandung, the majestic city built in the mountains of the Indonesian island, Java. It lies 110 kilometers southeast of Jakarta, Indonesia’s capital city.”

Borobudur, San Francisco, California

Soe Bin & Yunita started Borobudur Restaurant over 16 years ago at the original location on Geary Street in San Francisco. In 1994, they moved to the present location on Post St. If you come to Borobudur Restaurant, you can find various authentic Indonesian cuisine including tropical drinks from many different regions.

Indomania Restaurant, Miami, Florida

“Since the Indomania restaurant opened its doors in February 2007 it has welcomed people from all over the world to an original taste and enjoyable way of dining. Based on the traditional Indonesian cuisine but seen through Dutch eyes, the Indomania restaurant invites you to try a great mix of flavors and ensures you an unforgettable experience.”

Java Indonesian Rijsttafel, Brooklyn, New York

Moderately priced, friendly Indonesian restaurant.

Jayakarta Restaurant, Berkeley, California

“Discover the treasures that await you at the Bay Area’s newest and finest Indonesia Restaurant, Jayakarta Restaurant. Located in the beautiful city at Berkeley, Jayakarta provides the most authentic cuisine at any Indonesia Restaurant in the East Bay using the freshest spices, juiciest meats and crispest vegetables, one would have thought they were actually in Indonesia itself.”

Serves rijsttafel.

Pondok Kaki Lima, Duarte, California

While at Pondok Kaki Lima no rijsttafel is served, it is too good not to mention it on this list. A handful of vendors get together every Saturday morning and form an Indonesian market.

Ramayani Westood, Los Angeles, California

Hertha and Jim Tan started Ramayani in 1983. Hertha is Ramayani’s maverick chef. Cooking is her passion and life. She is like an artist who spends all her time in the kitchen perfecting her favorite dishes over and over again. Thus today, you can find over 100 authentic and sumptuous Indonesian dishes on their menu in Westwood.

Rice Bowl II, Houston, Texas

Rice Bowl II, a Chinese restaurant on Bellaire near Highway 6, is owned by a ­Chinese-Indonesian man who used to own a restaurant in Bogor, outside of Jakarta. Rice Bowl II’s regular menu offers sweet-and-sour chicken, moo goo gai pan, General Joe’s chicken, and orange beef. But the waitress will bring you an Indonesian menu if you ask. Read more in this review of the Houston Press.

Satay Sarinah Restaurant, Alexandria, Virginia

Sarinah Satay House of Georgetown has provided authentic Indonesian food to connoisseurs of Asian cuisine since it opened its doors in 1985. Sarinah’s vision has always been to provide an excellent culinary experience by emphasizing food quality, service, and value. Since then, Sarinah has earned numerous awards and recognition from the restaurant industry. Sarinah Satay House moved to Alexandria in 1999 and became Satay Sarinah.

Simpang Asia, Los Angeles, California

An Indonesian restaurant with an extensive menu.

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