Dutch/Indonesian in North Carolina

Dutch/Indonesian in North Carolina.This is an overview of Dutch and Indonesian ingredients that Guus, one of our correspondents, has found in the Triangle area in North Carolina. He moved to the United States five years ago and there are certain flavors that he just cannot go without. This overview may also help you if you live in other parts of the country.

As a regular rule, you can get pretty much everything via mail order, and of course you can get things shipped from Holland. But it's nice to know that many products are available locally as well. The list below is about the ingredients. There are many good books & websites about dishes such as boerenkool and stamppot -- what we're trying to do is give you suggestions on where to find the right rookworst to accompany it!

If you have suggestions or questions please add a comment and we'll be glad to update it. At the end of the article you'll find details of the stores mentioned.




A Southern Season in Chapel Hill, NC carries De Ruijter hagelslag, both puur and melk. Interestingly, there is also Indonesian hagelslag available. I haven't tried it yet.


Folks I met at a gathering of a Dutch club recommended "Butterball everyday smoked turkey sausage" as being an especially good replacement for the Dutch rookworst. As of September 5, 2009 I have not tried this myself but there's one in the fridge that we'll do our research on.

In general, Polish kielbasa sausages are quite similar to rookworst. Both Butterball and various brands of kielbasa are widely available in Kroger, Target and other grocery stores.

Belgian beer

Sams Quickshop in Durham, NC.

Many places sell Belgian beer of course, but in Durham there's a larger selection than usual in Sam's Quickshop. Huge selection, friendly folks.

If you know of a local store that carries Grimbergen Triple, please let me know.


A Southern Season has the largest selection in the Triangle.

Curry sauce

Calve Curry sauce.

Not my favorite, but I've seen Calve curry sauce in A Southern Season.


It took me a while to figure what the equivalent of speklap is in English. It's a thick cut of pork belly, either with or without a layer of fat. You can find thick cuts like that for example in the Grand Asia Market in Raleigh, NC.


The American name for Kapucijners is marrowfat beans. It's considered a rare bean in the United States and you won't find it in regular stores. According to Local Harvest.org they are available from an organic farm in Mt. Ulla, NC, which is about two hours west of Durham.



Whole Foods occasionally sells Dutch Honey Cake, produced by De Rit, a Dutch company.


All right, an exception on my 'no mail order stores in the list' rule, but this is the only way to get pre-made krokets in the States.

For the South (based in Georgia): http://www.ddfoodsolutions.com/dutchee.html. I haven't used it, but found a reference to it on the AllesAmerika forum (thanks Bandido).

Based in Michigan: http://www.thedutchstore.com/meats.html

Based in Connecticut: http://kaasnco.com/

I'm sure it's expensive, with at least $30 in shipping costs. The krokets will be sent to you packaged in dry ice.

Shoarma & knoflooksaus

A "Dutch" classic is to eat marinated chicken/lamb/pork on a pita bun with lots of garlic sauce. Real shoarma (shawarma) can be found in restaurants in the US, for example at the Lebanese place in 9th Street in Durham, but if you prefer to cook it at home, here is a good recipe for the shoarma spice blend.



Whole Foods carries regular sized stroopwafels from Shady Maple Farms, a Canadian firm. They're good, but the best stroopwafels can be found at Trader Joe stores. They have very small, bite-sized stroopwafels that are delicious. They are produced by Daelmans Dutch Pastries Ltd.



I don't really consume maple syrup, but the Dutch (Frisian) brand "Friesche Vlag" is available at A Southern Season.


The Dutch love bread, and eat sandwiches for breakfast and for lunch. Whole Foods carries a wide selection of good, luxurious breads.

However, my favorite for regular 'during the week' sandwiches is the bread of 9th Street Bakery. This is a bakery based in Durham, NC and while they don't sell directly to the public, you can find their bread in Kroger and Whole Foods stores throughout the Triangle. For example, our Kroger at Hillsborough Street in Durham has it. Good, solid bread -- delicious.


Indonesian food is very popular in the Netherlands and ingredients for it are easily available in every supermarket there. I don't pretend to know the real Indonesian kitchen very well -- the ingredients below are those for "Dutch Indonesian" cooking more than for real Indonesian cooking.


This took me a while to find. Is sold as Roasted Blachen (Trassi Bakar). Ultimately I found it in the Oriental Store in Raleigh. Note: you have to look in the fridge! This store carries at least 2 more versions of trassi. The Roasted Blachen is pretty much identical to the Dutch Conimex version.

There are also many liquid versions available ("shrimp paste") in more stores but they are not roasted and are different in flavor. I would not recommend them as a 1-on-1 replacement of trassi. Someone mentioned that he uses (Thai) fish sauce to get a similar flavor. It may be a decent replacement but again won't be exactly that good old trassi flavor.

Ketjap manis

Ketjap manis, or kecap manis in Indonesian spelling, is sold in many different places. A Southern Season sells the Conimex brand, but Grand Asia Market and The Oriental Store have a real Indonesian brand (ABC) and The Oriental Store carries a second Indonesian brand also, 'Cap Orang Jual Sate/Aneka'.

Sambal oelek

Sold even in regular supermarkets. The Thai 'chilli sauce' is really the same thing. If you want the Conimex brand (but why bother), A Southern Season usually carries it. If you want real Indonesian brands then The Oriental Store is the place to go.

Sambal manis

Sambal manis.

Only A Southern Season seems to sell this. Sambal manis is basically sambal oelek with added sugar and I've seen some recipes on-line but not tried them yet.



I have not found this condiment yet. In the Netherlands it's sold by Conimex but I have not seen a ready-made version here. Luckily, it is not hard to make yourself.



Kroepoek or krupuk is sold in many Asian stores. In in Grand Asia Market they carry Komodo, an Indonesian brand. Pre-baked kroepoek as it's often found in Dutch supermarkets is not common in the US. I've seen "shrimp taste cookies" but they're not exactly kroepoek. I haven't tried them but they are wheat based cookies with added shrimp flavor.

The ones you bake yourself such as Komodo are the real deal and very delicious.

Various spices

I've brought laos from the Netherlands since I didn't know its translation (galangal root/Thai ginger) but in fact I've been able to find all Indonesian spices in the States pretty easily. Try Grand Asia Market for the more exotic ones (such as galangal root).

Here's a good list with translations: http://home.kpn.nl/wpschouten/Spice.html

Stores mentioned

Grand Asia Market
1253 Buck Jones Rd, Raleigh, NC

The Oriental Store of Raleigh
3601 Capital Blvd # 101, Raleigh, NC
(The entrance is actually on Old Buffalo Road)

A Southern Season
University Mall, 201 S Estes Drive, Chapel Hill, NC

Whole Foods
621 Broad St, Durham, NC
(selection in other stores in usually the same, no specific reason to go to Durham if there's one closer to you)



What it means is that not always can be the same output, http://easyfreefollowers.com

"Tempeh Malang" by Budiman Food, serving bay area (Northern California) and beyond...

Bedankt voor de website, Southern Season heeft ook Haagse Hopjes, dit staat nog niet in de lijst

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Veel Phillipino, indiase en Hispanic Winkels hebben produkten die ook in Indonesie gebruikt worden maar onder een andere naam. Tamarinde bijvoorbeeld, an sambals,en citroengras!

Walmart verkoopt ook mini stroopwafels

Thanks for the tip re: Grand Asia Market in Raleigh (NC) I live in Carrboro/Chapel Hill and am very familiar with Southern Season where I go for my drop fix, but will have to check out Grand Asia for some Indonesian ingredients as well. FYI, there is a Dutch chocolatier in Chapel Hill (Stam's) that used to carry drop as well as Dutch chocolates but last time I was there their drop supply was very limited. Have not been to their store since they moved to their new location (still in CH)
I understand this site is based in Durham? Is that right?

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Hi Helen -- glad you found the site useful. Stam's is on our list!


Yes, the site is hosted in Durham, NC; we have several volunteers throughout the country but I live in Durham, NC.

Thank you for your list of places to get Dutch food.Going to Chapel Hill in June to visit my son is going to be very helpful.Lived for 4 years in Durham ,before we moved to Houston TX.Like to mention a Dutch store just outside of Houston called The little Dutch Girl.They have a very nice website and they do mailing trough the USA.http://www.littledutchgirl.com/

I'm glad this is useful to you Joke! Hope you'll enjoy your time in Chapel Hill.

The Little Dutch Girl is on our list of Dutch restaurants, stores and bakeries in the United States: http://www.dutchinamerica.com/dutch-restaurants-in-the-united-states

Wist U dat Aviko als enige Nederlandse onderneming Aviko bevroren
friet importeert in de USA ? Verkrijgbaar momenteel zowel in NYC als
Orlando, bij de grote distributors. Wij zijn tevens op zoek naar bedrijven die Aviko willen voeren in hun assortiment.
Zin in heerlijke Hollandse Goud Gele friet of aardappelkroketten/schijfjes, email me even...... P.tol@aviko.nl
ik ben gevestigd in Florida.

I just want my Drop (: I live in the New York city area, any stores in NYC that sells a good selection? please let me know, groetjes (:

Hi Guus,

While traveling from Southern California to Northern California, I came across an authentic, Dutch bakery in Bishop, Ca. I purchased fresh stroopwafels, fresh Dutch wheat bread, drop, Wilhelmina peppermints, Haagse hopjes. They provide mailorder service as well.

Forgot to put in the name of the bakery---Erick Schat's Bakkerij,htpp://www.erickschatbakery.com.

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Trader Joe's also sells hagelslag, the DeRuijter brand. Ketjap manis is sold at Grand Asia Market in Raleigh, and at an Asian market (I forget the name) on S. Saunders/ Tryon in Raleigh (close to Garner, where S. Saunders is also Hwy. 70).

Stam is unfortunately not in business anymore. And I am not so sure if Southern Season still sells all those items mentioned. My best bet is still the Oriental Store on Old Bufaloe road and Capital Blvd, or the Grand Asian store for Indonesian spices, kecap, trassie and others. Van Der Veen in Michigan is still one of the best Dutch Stores which mails anywhere in the States.

I didn't see Bay Cities, Santa Monica (CA) in any of the lists which sells Dutch Venco licorice, Calve mayonnaise, Calve Pindakaas and stroopwafels. Among many other really good Italian products

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Costco verkoopt ook stroopwafels

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I don't know if it is just in Texas or al over the states but a store called World Market sells some dutch products.
I have found my hagelslag there, droste, and stroopwafels. I don't remember everything they have but they also have dinner things.

where can I find this World Market?

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Li Ming grocery (in Durham on Westgate near Sam's Club) is the area's newest large market for Asian food. It opened in 2011 and is generally comparable to Grand Asia Market in Cary, which is a great relief for those of us in Durham and Orange counties who were tired of the drive. At Li Ming, you can get Komodo krupuk, ABC kecap manis, gado-gado, and the like. I don't know if they have many other spices mixes.

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weet iemand waar ik hollandse theelepeltjes kan krijgen-on line?
ik woon in de meest zuidelijke tip van Ohio

Misschien heeft DE ze nog op voorraad en kan ze opsturen naar je http://www.douweegbertsenmeer.nl/Pages/ProductDetail.aspx?category=oprui...

Howdy! Pleasant stuff, do update me as often as possible when you post again something like this! z8

Are there Dutchies and or spouses that are interested in setting up a new Dutch Club in the area of Killeen/Temple (Bell County - Texas)?


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