Dutch restaurants, bakeries and stores in the United States

International Stores

The stores below carry a significant number of Dutch products.

A Southern Season, Chapel Hill, North Carolina

A Southern Season carries Calve curry, various types of Conimex sambal, hagelslag and even Friese Keukenstroop. See more of a visit we made in March 2007.

Adams Fairacre Farms, Poughkeepsie, New York

A super farm market with 3 locations in the Hudson valley which carries a large selection of Dutch products including cheeses, roggebrood, De Ruijter hagelslag, Conimex products, drop etc.

Stores in Poughkeepsie, Kingston and Newburgh.

Asian Imports (CLOSED), Falls Church, Virginia

This store, which used to be called Vietnam Imports, carried a large variety of Indonesian products and some Dutch product as well.

Update 1/15/2012: this store is closed.

Au Marche, the European market, Lawrence, Kansas

Many varieties of hagelslag, vlokken and other Dutch goodies. From the site: “Au Marché is proud to stock European food and bath-and-beauty items that are not easily found in most American grocery stores. We cater to people who are looking for a taste of their homeland, or for a sentimental reminder of a favorite trip abroad.”

Bon Appetit Fine Foods, Princeton, New Jersey

Bon Appetit is a cheese and specialty store in Princeton, New Jersey, with a Belgian owner. The store carries Indonesian spices (Conimex) as well as drop, ontbijtkoek and speculaas and of course all Dutch cheeses.

Note: Bon Appetit changed ownership in 2008; we're not sure if the store still has such a diverse supply of Dutch items.

Buford Highway Farmers Market, Doraville, Georgia

The Buford Highway Farmers Market carries a good selection of Dutch products. This includes Conimex products and Douwe Egberts coffee.

BXL Cafe, New York, New York

“Located in the heart of Times Square, BXL Café has been proudly serving the finest Belgian beer and cuisine since 2004.”

Serves bitterballen, if you ask for them.

Cheese Plus, San Francisco, California

Cheese Plus is premier cheese and specialty food store in San Francisco. A cozy neighborhood shop located on the sunny corner of Polk and Pacific in Russian Hill, it features the finest cheese from the U.S. and around the globe including a good selection of Dutch cheeses. Also sells beschuit and speculaas.

Global Foods Market, Kirkwood, Missouri

Global Foods Market is the largest international grocery store in Missouri.

International Marketplace, Las Vegas, Nevada

The International Market on Decatur in Las Vegas, NV sells an large assortment of Dutch products.
Check the blog of a Dutchman who did his first shopping in the store; his blog has lots of pictures of the products: http://matosh.web-log.nl/matosh/2010/07/klompen-breken-niet-meer.html

Jessop's Tavern, New Castle, Delaware

“Located in Old New Castle, Delaware, we represent the Dutch, English and Swedish presence in the region. All of which are comprised in a fashion of which we are now accustomed.”

This restaurant has hutspot on the menu!

Jungle Jim's International Market, Fairfield, Ohio

This store has groceries from all countries over the world and has a large “Holland” section. Also, you can get your Indonesian groceries such as Conimex products at their “Malasian” section.

In 2012 they will open a second store in Eastgate, east of Cincinnati.

Lee Lee Oriental Supermart, Peoria, Arizona

Lee Lee Oriental Supermart carries a fair amount of Dutch products. There are three stores in Arizona: in Peoria, in Chandler and a new one in Tucson.

Licorice International, Lincoln, Nebraska

This store in Nebraska ships more than 10,000 orders per year and has a large selection of licorice, including Dutch “drop”.

Mad Fox Brewing Company, Falls Church, Virginia

The Mad Fox Brewing Company is an all-American bar/restaurant with an international menu. They have one very Dutch, very delicious dish on their menu: bitterballen! From the menu:

Dutch Style “Bitterballen”
A traditional Dutch bar-snack of creamy beef and
vegetables with a hint of curry, coated with bread crumbs,
then deep-fried. Served with our house mustard.

Marina Market, Poulsbo, Washington

The Marina Market brings a large selection of Scandinavian, European, and Dutch foods to Western Puget Sound and the Internet.

Jonathan and Andrea Rowe started the Marina Market in May of 1998 in response to significant local demand. Home of the Licorice Shrine with over 250 licorices. In addition they have a lot of other Dutch food items, such as borrelnootjes, cookies etc.

Mekong, Everett, Washington

Mekong is a Vietnamese market with a large selection of Dutch and Indonesian foods. Includes drop and various seasonal treats such as speculaas.

Morse's Sauerkraut & Euro Deli, Waldoboro, Maine

German sauerkraut store, established in 1918, with a large selection of Dutch products such as Verkade chocolate, maggi products, Dutch cookies, lots of Dutch cheese, herring, kale, all kinds of liquorice, krupup and Conimex products.

Old Town Coffee Tea & Spice, Alexandria, Virginia

This quaint store is located on the waterfront in Old-Town Alexandria. This small store is packed with coffee, sweets and goodies from all over the world, and has a respectable selection of Dutch products.

They sell King pepermunt, speculaas, dropjes, stroopwafels, ontbijtkoek, wybertjes, hagelslag and some Indonesian items like ketjap.

The lady at the counter explained that through the years they started carrying more and more Dutch products, especially since the Dutch club added an advertisement for the store in its magazine.

Shoop's European Deli, Santa Monica, California

German deli and store. Lots of items and food from Germany, but also a good selection of Dutch items like ontbijtkoek, stroopwafels, drop and candy.

There is also a branch in West Hollywood, CA.

Vallée d'Brume, Temecula , California

This high-end bakery is owned by Dutchman Adriaan van Heumen.

Village Cheese House, Palo Alto, California

Cheese store with many European groceries, including a Dutch corner with hagelslag and ontbijtkoek.

West Point Market, Akron, Ohio

This is a good gourmet store that - among lots of other goodies - also sells some of the Dutch treats we all know and love such as licorice, stroopwafels, Droste Chocolade, De Ruijter Hagelslag and beschuit.

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