Passport renewals to stop in many cities

Unfortunately, the Dutch government will stop issuing passports in Chicago, Atlanta, Boston and Los Angeles.

The Dutch Embassy just announced that after October 1, 2015, passport and visa applications can only be submitted at the Dutch Consulates General in Miami, San Francisco and New York, and at the Netherlands Embassy in Washington, D.C.

This is bad news for many Dutch citizens in the United States since it means their travel time to renew passports will dramatically increase. As a reminder: it is important for Dutch people living abroad to renew their passports on time. Not having a passport while living abroad can mean that you lose your Dutch citizenship.

We wrote about this in 2013 though later it seemed as if the Consulate in Chicago might be spared.



I know this decision was long in the making. I am extremely disappointed with this decision. It seemed there was a lot of community support to keep the office in Chicago open for passport renewal for families in the Midwest area. It is going to be a logistic nightmare to get my family of five all together in the same place to get this done in the future. And it is going to cost a LOT more than just the passport fee. Why keep Miami and close Chicago? Makes no sense to me.

These passeport fees are driving me crzy thats just insane !

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That's exactly what I wanted to say! I am glad that we are like-minded people

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Can I still renew or get a new passport in Orlando fla

No I took my mom there only to find that office will close 7/1/2015

UI dont know

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I live 8-9 hours travel for a nearby consule
Time to get my US pasport

I live 8-9 hours travel for a nearby consule
Time to get my US pasport

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I just renewed my NL passport at Schiphol airport while I was in Holland for a week! I highly recommend it! Excellent service. My passport was ready in 3 business days. Check it out!

I'm planning to do that too. Good to hear that works out great!

What exactly did you have to bring for your passport renewal at Schiphol?

Can someone tell me if for whatever reason I should lose my Dutch citizenship, then to what country will I belong? This is so ridiculous. Is this the thanks we get for holding on to the Dutch citizenship and NOT becoming an American citizen? I wish I would have known this earlier. I guess I will have to decide soon which one will be best for me.

You cannot lose any nationality if you don't have the nationality of another country already. That goes against all the international conventions against statelessness. If you marry a person from another country and obtain his/her citizenship, you will not lose your NL nationality. But you will have to "renew" it every 10 years. That rule has always been in NL nationality law since 1896. You don't give enough information on your case why you think you will automatically lose your NL nationality. You have to give more information. Also: has anyone thought of what it costs the NL government each year to keep consulates in so many countries open in addition to the NL embassy in that country? Something to think about.

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It is totally ridiculous to make people travel half a continent by taking the midwest (Chicago) option out. Which was already a multiple hour travel for many. Big thumbs down for this new measure

Do you guys have any idea how expensive traveling here is? My gosh it will not be possible for many people to get it renewed

The comment on losing nationality is not true. Please see here for the actual rule

Which comment?

If you have dual citizenship and don't renew your passport on time, you will definitely lose your Dutch citizenship.


My American wife can just renew hers by mail, why can,t this be done by mail for my Dutch passport?

This is bad news for many Dutch citizens for their travel time to renew passports will increase. Not having a passport will take your to lose your Dutch citizenship.

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The thought of losing my Dutch nationality is heartbreaking. I'm the only American born in my entire family. My expired NL passport was always in my meisjesnaam, van Schaik. I'm hoping I can somehow get a new NL passport, and that my children can have theirs renewed or new ones.

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But seems like I have already renewed my passport.

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